CloudDOE User Manual - Extend


l   CloudDOE - Extend is a wizard allows a CloudDOE Cloud administrator to extend the functionalities by maintaining software information of the dashboard, which may used by the Operate wizard.

For any experimental issues, please contact to:

l   Wei-Chun Chung (wcchung AT iis DOT sinica DOT edu DOT tw)

l   Yu-Chun Wang (zxaustin AT iis DOT sinica DOT edu DOT tw)


System requirement

l   A Graphic User Interface supported system with Java Run-Time Environment 1.6 (or higher) installed

n   Windows, Linux, and Mac

l   A decompression tool

l   Access rights for a Hadoop Cloud



        Download the CloudDOE packages and decompress it. Then you will get:

l   Extend.jar: this program

l   Workspace directory: running environments of CloudDOE

l   Miscellaneous files such as test data, setup properties, and other programs

Note that

l   We will install dependent software and change your system settings according to the applications you choose.

l   JRE version cannot execute CloudDOE normally. Please upgrade your JRE if you encounter any problem.



We are now using Windows 7 as our platform to illustrate the usage of each components of CloudDOE - Extend.


Start CloudDOE - Extend

1.      Double click the Extend.jar, or

Right click the Extend.jar and select the Java run-time environment you preferred.

2.      Then you will see the main panel and the other panel of the program Extend.jar



Login Panel (The main panel)

You are requested to fill out the information for connection.

Please consult your cluster provider or manager for the connection information.

About Panel

Copyright and contact information may be found on this panel. You can mail us if you have any problem in using CloudDOE.


Extend your Cloud

Connect to your Cloud

1.      Fill out information provided by your cloud provider or manager for connection information, including IP address and port number of the Master Node, and username and password of your account to use the Hadoop cloud.

2.      Click Connect button


Note: At the first time of usage, the program initiates the running environments, and it may take a short time.


Perform installation

1.          After successful login, a list of supported applications will be loaded.

2.          After clicking the Install link of an interested application, the installation procedure is performed. You can monitor the installation progress.